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New Moebius Skipjack kit
« on: 31 Jul , 2012, 06:24 »
Wink.  Are you considering making any after market items for the new Moebius 1/72 Skipjack kit.  Right off the top of my head I'll list some ideas of what I would like.  A seven blade curved propellor, a STSS towed array, various sonar/EW antennas- WLR-9, NATS, sail mounted, cleats, bullards, jackstaff, deck hatches and cockpit details:  repeater, signal light.  Attached is a picture of the Shark with her deck loaded full of detail.  I was very pleased with your after market Gato parts and I hope you're considering the Skipjack.  Thanks

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Re: New Moebius Skipjack kit
« Reply #1 on: 03 Aug , 2012, 19:32 »
Hi Chipper,
hadn't thought about it, but we do like 1:72 and the 'Jack is a fine boat.

Who knows...

We'll keep you posted.
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