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Mike K

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« on: 26 Dec , 2010, 09:19 »
I just noticed that T. Garth Connelly is listed as a Midshipman. That's jiust plain wrong! His knowledge, on Torpedo Boats, makes him, at least, a Commodore. Alrhough Rear Admiral would be closer.
I realize that the rating is based on postings. But, in this case, I think that a much higher rating would more accurately reflect the level of confidence we can place on his advice.

Mike K.


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Re: WINK!!!!
« Reply #1 on: 26 Dec , 2010, 13:11 »

Mike, Mike, Mike?

Me?  That much of an expert?  Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah, sure ...

But, thanks for the sentiment.  It's much appreciated ...

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Re: WINK!!!!
« Reply #2 on: 27 Dec , 2010, 00:48 »
I agree. We really should find a way to boost BOTH your ratings. I don't know if I can fool the techno thingie, but I'll give it a whirl!
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