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U.S.S. Laffey DD-459 - Blast bags or not?
« on: 23 Nov , 2010, 13:12 »
Hello.  This is my first thread to start here.  I'm currently building U.S.S. Laffey DD-459.  I'm debating whether or not to build her with or without blast bags on 5" 38's.  My primarily interest in using them is actually practical, since it will make it easier to mount the metal barrels I plan on using instead of the plastic ones in the kit.  I've seen a number of photographs of Laffey while researching my build and she appears to have her blast bags around the time of her sinking.

Any thoughts on this issue?  Also, would the blast bags be black, Navy Blue or Deck Blue?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: U.S.S. Laffey DD-459 - Blast bags or not?
« Reply #1 on: 24 Nov , 2010, 14:29 »
Hello Bob,

Not completely sure if the bags would have been in place at the time of her sinking.  Adding them would certainly enhance the look.  What scale are you building her?  I build a 1/700 version.  I never added them (looking after I read your post) it would have been as simple as a little Elmer's white (a drop).  Would love to do another one, just in maybe 1/350, just to add more detail.

Don't know if it helps, was one I had in my research folders...

Post some pics of your progress, would like to watch the build.

Good Luck!



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Re: U.S.S. Laffey DD-459 - Blast bags or not?
« Reply #2 on: 03 Jan , 2011, 07:29 »
Hello, T, and thanks for your response.  I deeply apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your response, but just after you posted I broke my left forearm in 5 places.  That not only brought my modeling activities to a screeching halt, but pretty much limited my ability to type as well.  I'm happy to report that I had surgery to repair the breaks three weeks ago this past Friday and I'm doing much better, back at the keyboard and more importantly, back at the work bench!

I have seen the photos you posted and thought I would do her with blast bags, but thought I'd check to see if someone had any information that would be a compelling reason to omit the blast bags.  Since I've been back at the bench I've done up the turrets and did model them with the blast bags in place.  I used Model Master metal barrels to replace the plastic ones in the kit.  Well worth the money. 

I'm building the 1/350 kit.  My 54 year old eyes just won't let me work in anything smaller, even with an optivisor.  And, I like the additional detail you get in a 1/350 kit.  I'm painting her in Measure 21 camouflage using WEM Colourcoats enamels, mostly air brushed.  I'm using the kit supplied PE set along with items from the Cyber-Hobby Benson Class PE set as well as items from the Yankee Modelworks Benson Class PE set, picking the best items from each.  I'll try to post some pictures of progress to date (I'm about 60% done) if I can figure out how.  LOL



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Re: U.S.S. Laffey DD-459 - Blast bags or not?
« Reply #3 on: 03 Jan , 2011, 08:01 »

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  Sorry to hear about your injury but glad all is well.  Looking forward to seeing your project.  I think 1/350 is a nice size.  You can show a fair amount detail.

As for the pictures:  Use the Insert image button, between the brackets paste the link corresponding to your photo.  The photo will have to be uploaded to a picture site, but there are many free ones to choose from....try google to start (real easy).  Otherwise you can upload them direct from your computer under the "Additional Option" section below.  Click browse and click the pics you want.  You need to have them under a cerain size.  If I find the link on the site here that explains all this, I will post it.

Good luck!

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Re: U.S.S. Laffey DD-459 - Blast bags or not?
« Reply #4 on: 07 Jan , 2011, 16:59 »
In the the photo they sure don't look black...I saw black ones at USS Massachusetts and Arizona, but those are NOT really authentically maintained...

Hope your arm heals fast and strong! (And that you can avoid doing whatever broke it that many places!)
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