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Martindale's Marauders article
« on: 15 Aug , 2016, 16:08 »
Hello folks,

I have posted a new article called "Martindale's Marauders" to the Aircraft & Build Articles part of the Books section -

This one is a tribute to my father who researched and found many aircraft wrecks on Scottish hillsides in the 1970s. To support the article, this year I built ten aircraft models in the markings when they crashed. One of the stories you might like is Operation Whitehills in 1975, when the engine of a Luftwaffe He111 was raised from the sea and transported to Glasgow. In Part V I have discussed how the engine was recovered and how the German pilot visited our house in 1977. There is also the story of the same Heinkel bombing the convoy in 1941 and being shot down, including how two very brave men on a ship in the convoy sat on an unexploded bomb before managing to dump the bomb over the side.   

There are also two build articles on the same page. The first is "How To Become A Submarine Commander", which as the title suggests is not at all serious, covering the building an sailing of a dynamic diving sub (from the 96th scale OTW HMS Vanguard kit).



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Re: Martindale's Marauders article
« Reply #1 on: 17 Aug , 2016, 06:15 »
Dougie, the book is outstanding. Congratulation for witnessing and then sharing such a tresure of an experience.
Thank you!