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B5N2 Kate
« on: 04 Jan , 2015, 04:02 »
Hi guys, following are a few shots of a Kate that I recently completed.  This aircraft EI-311 flew off the IJN Shokaku during the Battle of Santa Cruz, 26 October 1942.  Crewed by PO1c Yoshimoto, PO3c Someno and Sea1c Saito, it was credited with a torpedo hit on the USS Hornet during the battle.  The aircraft and crew did not survive the battle, being shot down shortly after launching their torpedo by one of the CAP Wildcat fighters.  I weathered the plane fairly heavily (for me at least) to represent the effects of salt air and sun.  The display base is not yet complete, but I thought it would make a nice background for one of the photos.



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Re: B5N2 Kate
« Reply #1 on: 05 Jan , 2015, 03:40 »
She looks ready for takeoff, and nice carrier deck too!
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