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PzKpw III Ausf. H
« on: 23 Jan , 2013, 01:22 »
I have recently become interested in 1/35 scale armor and have decided to build a few kits into representations of German and British armor in North Africa.  The first project is finished - well the figure is ALMOST done, but I couldn't resist posing it in the turret.  This tank will be part of a diorama set during the fighting for Sidi Rezegh Ridge and airfield during Operation Crusader.  The scene will show this panzer, assigned to 15th Panzer Division's Panzer Regiment 8 passing a knocked out M3 Honey from 4th Armored Brigade's 8th Hussars.  These units fought an engagement during the fighting, with the 8th Hussars being taken in the flank by 8th Panzer Regiment's attack. 
I practiced both the salt chipping technique and using some of AK Interactive's weathering products.  I also tried out something I have been wanting to attempt for some time now - simulating paint that is about to chip or wear away.  I did this by grinding salt crystals into powder and carefully placing the powder on areas I wanted to show the effect and carefully wetting the tiny powder heaps.  This had the effect of lifting the paint slightly.  I had to really watch what I was doing when cleaning the salt off to simulate chipped paint, but the effect looks pretty real, IMHO.  Using both the dust wash and pigments tied everything together while toning down some of the stark contrasts.
Enjoy the photos,


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Re: PzKpw III Ausf. H
« Reply #1 on: 25 Jan , 2013, 19:59 »
I love the overall effect, very well done. A beauty!

Tell us more about the salt technique. You put the salt on and paint over, or...? It looks very real!
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Re: PzKpw III Ausf. H
« Reply #2 on: 13 Apr , 2014, 19:05 »
You made some interesting effects. Something that I'll try to remember.
Very nice job.

Later Tim