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« on: 18 Dec , 2008, 04:06 »
Note to new members trying to register :


Due to SPAM attacks, we have had to add security questions to the registration. Our security (not foolproof we can admit) consists of some standard, anti-bot measures, and so far, just two questions only humans can answer. The main question is labelled as an Anti-Spam question, and there is no right answer. Our problem is not "bots" (automated programs registering on thousands of forums) but humans signing up and then dumping crap.

So just answer it as honestly as possible. We are not making judgements or scoring the answers, just trying to determine who is real and who is fake.  The answers will help us determine if the answer is real, or a spammer trying to gain access.

We appreciate your patience. As always, if you see a post that is obviously spam,  or somehow violates the rules (either by the letter or the spirit), let a moderator know.

AMP team

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