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Welcome New Members
« on: 30 Jun , 2008, 03:38 »
Welcome to all new members.

The principal intention of Accurate Model Parts (AMP) is to support fellow modellers by providing products that other aftermarket companies have not released. Another key aim is to share information and resources with like-minded modellers around the world. The AMP model-making forum was created to directly serve this purpose. It is hoped that forum discussions will allow us all an increased knowledge of model-making subjects.

Heated discussions are welcomed so long as they never get personal. After 40 intense posts about the number of rivets on the MV Suchandsuch, you should still be civil.

Although the main focus is WWII submarine models, members are encouraged to discuss other model-making subjects. Historical matters can also be discussed, particularly if they pertain to the environment in which the model subject served eg. The Battle of the Atlantic for U-boats, and the Pacific for Gatos

In some cases, other aftermarket companies or individuals may be permitted to announce the release of their products. This will often be allowed if the announcement regards a book or modelling product that will be of use to forum members. Permission to make such announcements is at the discretion of the moderators. The promotion of non-modelling related goods is prohibited.   

We wish to support all modellers regardless of skill or knowledge levels. Members are encouraged to always be considerate of others when posting. Differences in opinion can be made but please make such comments in a constructive manner. Any criticism that the moderators deem to be non-constructive is strongly discouraged. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Political and religious opinions should not be expressed.   

Although our members happen to be exclusively adult males, we would like the forum to be family friendly. As such, please refrain from inappropriate language and content. All are welcome, regardless of gender, age, orientation, ethnicity and nationality.

Members are particularly encouraged to share their knowledge, expertise and modeling methods with others.

So jump in and welcome aboard!

Suggestions about the forum and AMP are welcome, so speak up!

One of the main aims is to share info and techniques, and to learn. A lot of our members have built some beautiful models, but they have also tried new things outside their comfort zone.


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