Author Topic: U-552 Tower. What is This ???  (Read 130 times)

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U-552 Tower. What is This ???
« on: 24 Nov , 2018, 22:06 »
Anyone know what this tube like thing is in the Tower.

Originally I thought it was maybe attached to the MG34 but it seems not from the photos and I think the MG34 has its own mount, S type or otherwise.

It seems long enough to house the MG34 itself but would it be stored on deck?
Also as in the U552 photos it seems on a odd angle.

Photos are of this showing up in U552 and U96 photos.(not U69 as on the photos....)

Anyone know what it is and maybe has more detail?

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Re: U-552 Tower. What is This ???
« Reply #1 on: 25 Nov , 2018, 06:07 »
Hello Raymic,

I can't make out what is there in the other photos but the clear one of U 552 shows a vertical pole which looks like it is attached to the MG34. The pole could be removable rather than permanently attached. It would be awkward to take them and store them in a hatch within the main deck, though this could be possible. Maybe they could have stored them within the boat as getting them down the tower hatch would be possible?



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Re: U-552 Tower. What is This ???
« Reply #2 on: 27 Nov , 2018, 03:45 »
Hi Raymic and Dougie,
Very interesting found. A few years ago i did some research on MG mounts in this thread
unfortunately most of the pictures of that thread are gone, but i recall of a close-up pic of U-552 turret deck in which i postulated (maybe wrongly) the existence of a possible hole for a MG mount on the turret deck sides. That pic had been possibly taken on a later stage than the above pic, but nevertheless this is a very good spotting of you of the tube which i missed at the time and, yes, it could be a removable gadget.
On stand-by for new findings/conclusions, am curious