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Hello everyone,

We now have a few new products to release. These are tower floors in photo-etch for the Germaniwerft VIIC and also the Mittelmeerturm.

The first is a tower floor in 72nd scale for the early Germaniawerft VIIC.

The pattern on these boats was quite different in that they had a linear pattern. The Revell kit has the non-linear pattern whereas our replacement (72-03) has the linear pattern for the Germaniawerft boats. These included really popular boats such as U 69, U 94, U 96 and U 201. Once you see the difference it becomes quite noticeable.

The other product is a Mittelmeerturm floor in photo-etch in 72nd (72-04) and also in 32nd scale (32-01). The Mittelmeerturm was an interesting tower arrangement used in the Mediterranean on boats with camouflage patterns. Note the modeller has to scratchbuild the rear half of the tower, which is a tricky but rewarding build.

More details can be found at -

The same page also has a downloadable article "AMP Type VIIC Tower Floors" written specifically for these tower floors.

Note that the Germaniawerft tower floor (72-03) can be bought using the cart button. However, due to being limited edition, for the Mittelmeerturm products you would need to contact us directly at to order.


Dougie Martindale
Accurate Model Parts