Author Topic: Att Dougie Martindale. U552 Attack Periscope Question  (Read 366 times)

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Hi Dougie and all.
In the process of scratchbuilding the 1/48th Attack Periscope Housing (still a work in progress) I have a problem that Im hoping someone has identified in the past.

U552, as Dougie has stated in his fantastic PDF records, has a particular Housing with 2 circular metal hoops.

On all the modelling references,on all internet models and even in books like Kagero it shows the uppermost hoop ( and lowest hoop) as a continuous circle.

However in the internet videos that show Eric Topp exiting the Conning tower in what is identified as U-552 it it seems that this uppermost hoop is NOT continuous.

Possibly the sub used was not U-552 and the picture shows the 2 normal Small side steps but if it's the hoop on U-552 it is not continuous as the Video clearly shows.

It's a VERY visible spot on the model so it would be interesting to clarify?

Any comments or help please?
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Re: Att Dougie Martindale. U552 Attack Periscope Question
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Hi Raymic,
I think that the upper circular bar was continuous....maybe in the mentioned video of U552 the bar was damaged by a patrol action...

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Re: Att Dougie Martindale. U552 Attack Periscope Question
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Hello folks,

An excellent find. The screenshots from that video do look pretty conclusive. On your second image the uppermost hoop does appear not to go around in a continuous circle. On the starboard side of the boat (left hand side of your image) the bar appears to stop at the side. On the port side of the boat the bar appears to turn 90 degrees and move vertically upwards, though we don't get to see where it ends.

One reason why a continuous circle may not have been deemed necessary is because a crewman couldn't really stand on a bar in the centre anyway. This is due to the presence of the large piece which held the hatch in place when open plus also the magnetic compass repeater.