Author Topic: Type V11 Orginal Drawings Do they Exist?  (Read 127 times)

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Type V11 Orginal Drawings Do they Exist?
« on: 11 Apr , 2018, 06:11 »
Please excuse any ignorance on my behalf as I'm new to the U-boat community and this forum.
And I know some members here have a huge amount of experience and are engrossed in some very detailed research projects etc so Im hoping someone can help please.
And I see a lot of research and 3D drawings by Snowman and discussions with members and Mr Tore about a research document?
What is Don Princes Skizzenbuch sketchbook?Will it be available to read in the future?

In regards original drawings and documentation, I'm sure this has been well discussed before but to bring me up to speed and save a lot of time in pointless researching, I get the impression from searching on the internet and reading discussions that there are no concise Type Vii drawings other than U570 captured drawings, aka Original German manufacturing and construction drawings available?
Did they not survive the end of WW2?
I thought the German archives or similar might still have something?

I have the normal books aka Anatomy of a U boat , DVD, read a lot of websites like U-Boot historia etc.

But am I correct that there is only the
Fritz Köhl & Axel Niestle 17 drawings available?
Are these original drawings or post war research? Does anyone own them and are they worth it?

Thank you for any help.
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Re: Type V11 Orginal Drawings Do they Exist?
« Reply #1 on: 11 Apr , 2018, 08:47 »
Hi Raymic,
I bought a set of original U-Boast drawings, here:
Not so useful for our modelers, but there is something interesting...
I don't know if some other drawings are available: opinions of experts are welcome...
About Skizzenbuch, I'm waiting for buying it, when available...

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Re: Type V11 Orginal Drawings Do they Exist?
« Reply #2 on: 11 Apr , 2018, 13:15 »
From what I understand 99.99% of the original Type VIIC drawings (I believe a full set of drawing were about 10,000 for the whole boat) were destroyed just before the Russians invaded. I don’t think the Germans wanted the Russians to have anything when they arrive.

Tore toll me, when he first arrived at U-995, there were only a few drawings. He said he spend the first 6 months crawling around the boat following pipes trying to work out what they do. He also said the Royal Norwegian Navy had a few original German sailors to help him.   

In all my time I think I only see two original U-boat drawings, almost all are copy of copy of the original U-boat drawings. You can imagine with each copy more errors are added.

Fritz Köhl & Axel Niestle drawings are said to direct drawings from a few original U-boat drawings but I have find mistakes on these also.