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London224 Introduction
« on: 01 Jan , 2017, 01:49 »
Thanks for letting me join everyone. I'm 69, a retired CAD software Dev. COO that was starting into RC subs 40 years ago, put it all away to run several business, retired in 2003 and have been doing 3D modeling for canvas prints since. Recently ran across some of the 1/48 VII C models out there and thought I would work my way back in. Look forward to doing this and watching what the rest of you are doing as I learn what has advanced in 40 years.

While I model any number of items for work up as 40" canvas prints such as this British T Type, I look forward to trying scale modeling in plastic. For you older guys, there was a gentlemen back then that was very supportive sending me a lot of info on his efforts..I remember his name I think..Dwight Brooks I think. He was building a 10' VII C and had brought over a retired VII C Engineer who had survived the war as a technical consultant.

Again, Thanks for letting me join in.

Don Webster
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Re: London224 Introduction
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jun , 2018, 08:23 »
DonNeat Pics. I like the one on the bottom the best. Hope that you get the 1/48 and build it. An updates on the person building the 10ft sub? 
Later Tim