Author Topic: Deliberate inaccurate U-numbers  (Read 661 times)

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Deliberate inaccurate U-numbers
« on: 26 Mar , 2016, 12:07 »
Hello folks,

Happy Easter to you.

On pages 28-31 of my article "List Of U-Boat Modifications & Individual Features" I covered a very interesting photo og a Type VIIA with "26" on the tower. U 26 was actually a Type I rather than a Type VIIA so it is clear the wrong number was painted on the tower in this photo.

On Ebay at present there is another photo -

This one shows a Type I (either U 25 or U 26) but the number of the tower is "21". The real U 21 was a Type II not a Type I. The photo definitely shows a Type I so this is another example of a wrong number on the tower of a pre-war German U-boat.

It looks very likely the wrong number was added deliberately for deception purposes. If anyone can find any other examples of wrong number on pre-war towers please let us know.