Author Topic: New AMP decals - 72nd Type IX insignia & 72nd Type II waterlines  (Read 1209 times)

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Hello folks,
We have some new decals available now.
Type IX insignia
Our insignia decals for the 1/72nd Revell Type IXC are now available from our decal page. There are now five indivdual decal sets -
T9-SHELL-721:72U 505 Shell for final patrol (for capture)5.95
T9-SHELL-EARLY-721:72U 505 Shell penultimate patrol5.95
T9-AXE-721:72U 505 Axe (includes one set of Olympic rings)6.95
T9-RINGS-72*1:72Olympic rings5.95
T9-10UF-721:7210th U-Flottille emblem5.95
* The Olympic rings can be used for Type IIs or VIICs.
Information about which boats had the emblems can be found in the downloadable file "A Guide To AMP U-Boat Decals". (more info on this below).
Please note that, as with all our decals, our design were drawn exclusively from period photos of real boats rather than from any designs in books or the net.
Waterline draft marks for 1/72nd Type II
As part of our mixed media Type II set 72-01 we offer a decal sheet which includes the large tower numbers, tiny lifebelt numbers and waterline draught mark for the Special Navy Type IIA.
We are now offering a decal set to cover only 72nd Type II waterline draught marks (the big numbers and tiny lifebelt numbers are not on this set). This will allow modellers who don't intend to get our 72-01 set to obtain waterline marks.

The code is L-72W and there is a new downloadable placement guide on our decal page.
Sawfish decals in 35th scale
We used to stock one 35th decal set which included all three versions of the sawfish. Due to size, and the fact that modellers were probably only looking for one version, we have discountinued this set. In its place we offer seperate decal sets for each version -
SAW35-BLACK1:35SAWFISH INSIGNIA - Port-Stb decal set for 1:35 scale5.95
SAW35-GREEN1:35SAWFISH INSIGNIA - Port-Stb decal set for 1:35 scale5.95
SAW35-BLUE1:35SAWFISH INSIGNIA - Port-Stb decal set for 1:35 scale5.95

New downloadable article
We have a new article - "A Guide To AMP U-Boat Decals" - available for download. The link can be found directly under the text which says "For TYPE IX INSIGNIA PLACEMENT details, CLICK image to download PDF" in the Type IX insignia section of our decal page.
It provides information on all of the Type IX insignia decals. Also, it is an overview of all of our other decals and points to where more detailed info can be found.