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@ 42rocker:
Thanks for your comment and stay tuned.

TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 09 Dec , 2018, 23:30 »
Unfortunately I did not get the hoped-for help for the attack periscope casong inside conning tower, so I had to content myself with the material in my possession.
Here the first steps in scratch build....

P.S. : someone could tell me where to find a tutorial on how to fold and shape copper cables ?
TYPE VII / Re: Accurate Armour VIIC 1/35th - final run
« Last post by 42rocker on 09 Dec , 2018, 09:51 »
Please double check link as it is not working. 
Later Tim
TYPE VII / Re: Kickstarter project: Wolfe - The Battle of the Atlantic
« Last post by 42rocker on 09 Dec , 2018, 09:49 »
Very Interesting in many ways. The way it was offered and the items offered. Very Nice. Thanks for bringing this up Glenn. 
Later Tim
TYPE VII / Re: 1/16th Conning Tower and Figures by Jeff Shiu
« Last post by 42rocker on 09 Dec , 2018, 09:42 »
Wow those look nice. Thanks for the share. 
Later Tim
TYPE IX / Re: Pressure Hull for IXC any companies making?
« Last post by 42rocker on 09 Dec , 2018, 09:39 »
One thing that I should point out, that is I believe the pressure hull at the time of capture not as the U505 was launched. 
Later Tim
TYPE IX / Re: U-505 Drawings
« Last post by 42rocker on 09 Dec , 2018, 09:32 »
Remember on the U505 there were several rebuilds. Which one are you going for? Also what details are you looking for. 
The U505 at time of capture was different from the U505 as she came out to the yard.  Good Luck. 
Later Tim

AMP NEWS / Re: U 47 / Guenther Prien book
« Last post by 42rocker on 09 Dec , 2018, 09:23 »
Way to go! 
Later Tim
Very Interesting build. Looks great. Thanks for sharing. 
Later 42rocker
A sort of pressure hull and ribs

Again I had to keep in mind that I needed a retainer for my sculpture plans (as mentioned before), so I built a very quick and rough upper pressure hull from cardboard tube to check the position of pressure hull and planned retainer. The cardboard tube was designed to get a quick solution for further mounting plans for the retainer. But later I recognized that you would not see much of the pressure hull when the two halve were glued together. So I decided to keep the provisional arrangement in place, shoddy work lasts longest.

Later I revamped it with some elements like a winch, hatches and a inner structure for the conning tower.

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