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TYPE VII / Re: Inside U552 conning tower
« Last post by Raymic1 on 21 Jul , 2018, 19:37 »

Photos from the book U-Boat Patrol U564 by Lawrence Paterson
They are very clear pictures in the book but not so good reduced down on this post.


TYPE VII / Re: Inside U552 conning tower
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 21 Jul , 2018, 09:55 »
Hi Raymic, forse of all thanks for sharing all those photos of conning tower...
I’ll give a complete answer to your question next monday, when I’ll be back at office...
I’m so glad that you didn’t stop your research on Type VIIC...
In this period of heat wave , my modeller work is stopped...
I’ll be back next week.
TYPE VII / Re: Inside U552 conning tower-Bianco more photos....
« Last post by Raymic1 on 21 Jul , 2018, 00:12 »

More Conning Tower photos of U564 a Type V11C
Shows a seat with support, mentions feeding ammo down the shoot etc

PS I dont know what the guy is doing in his

The German U-Boat Base at Lorient France: August 1942-August 1943: Volume Three by Luc Braeuer ?Or any of his books in this series? Looking to find more pics of the U-505 as it comes back to Lorient after it was bombed on Nov 11t, 1942.
I digged out the book and had a look. Although U-505 is mentioned several times throughout the book, I can't find any photos of it.
Fantastic Don.
I hope this all goes well.
Look forward to getting it in some way soon.

Ps I hope Casement don't put it out with a massive premium. As a unique specialist tech doco I'm assuming in hard book form it would be quite expensive. I wonder if the PDF from them will be the same.?
Hello Fillippo,

As far as I'm concerned, "Skizzenbuch: U-Boat Type VII C Project" is complete. I do not plan on adding anything to the 516 page document. Possibly some grammar corrections and having the two (2) pages allocated as a foreword done by a friend.

A book publisher Casemate Publishers UK is looking at Skizzenbuch as a possible e-book in a PDF Format. They have downloaded my full PDF file "Skizzenbuch 11 x 17 - M + I.pdf and will let me know their decision in about 2 - 3 weeks. 

However, if they decide not to publish the PDF, then I will absorb the expense by getting a US copyright ($55.00 for multiple authors) and create a US State of Georgia Publishing Company LLC ($150.00) sometime in November or December of this year. Then in January, I will purchase CopySafe Software ($295.00) to protect the distributed free PDF file.

Free distribution may be done through several websites to be determined...

Hi Don and Tore,
I was wondering when you expect to finish the work on Skizzenbuch.
You know that there are several U-Boat enthusiast waiting for the availabilty of your work, obviously paying for it...
The problem has already been addressed, and one possible solution is to make a file available and printable on demand, upon payment.
What do you think about ?
An answer would be welcome.
Fillippo from Padova
Don, very good. As to the very complex picture of fuel economy and the many way of operating dieselengines-generator/E-motor I guess it would have been an interesting thing for an IT man to make an optimal programme for the various running modes with the numerous variables.
Hello Mr. Tore,

I took your advise and changed the thrust pads to ahead and astern...  I was not going to add the info discussed about fuel economy running. I was just curious...

Also, I updated Skizzenbuch to reflect the changes in Dropbox...

Don Skizzenbuch page 426, 427, 428.

Checked OK. May be you should use ahead pads and astern pads for the Michelle thrustbearing instead of forward pads and aft pads.
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