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TYPE VII / Re: Deck Upgrades for Engel 1:34 U-203/U-201
« Last post by Johann Vilthomsen on 02 Aug , 2018, 00:08 »
Hallo Boris.  :D
Thank you very much for answer so quickly to my question.
Yes, I also think that with 0.5 mm it will be better, since it has to navigate and the weight is important.
What are the differences between the U96, U201 and U203/4 decks?
TYPE VII / Re: Deck Upgrades for Engel 1:34 U-203/U-201
« Last post by SmallRivets on 01 Aug , 2018, 08:32 »
Hallo Johann,

here is the photo of the deck development for Engel 1:34. It is 1mm GFK with all other brass photo etched parts.
Full  messing deck for this Model is also possible. 0,5mm would be the best shot.
A lot of research been made to make this deck as authentic as possible.
There are 1 different decks for U-96 and U-201-U-204.

feel free contact me directly
or you can also reach me on facebook

I will post some development steps in this forum too .


ALL other U-boats / 1/144 Steampunk Coastal Submarine
« Last post by GlennCauley on 01 Aug , 2018, 08:02 »
After starting this wee kit 2 years ago... then forgetting about it... I finally completed it!
It is a 1/144 Steampunk Coastal Submarine made by Alliance Model Works... a resin & PE kit.   The PE is very intricately engraved and embossed. 
Coincidentally, this is the same scale as the Nautilus model from 20000 Leagues Beneath the Sea... made by Pegasus Models.
It was a fun built, and the painting & weathering was challenging.

TYPE VII / Re: Deck Upgrades for Engel 1:34 U-203/U-201
« Last post by Johann Vilthomsen on 30 Jul , 2018, 23:53 »
Boris, good morning!
Are you making the entire cover for type VII of Engel?
We are three companions, we have an Engel submarine each and we are interested in your product.

Boris, guten Morgen!
Machst du das komplette Cover für den Typ VII von Engel?
Wir sind drei Begleiter, wir haben jeweils ein Engel U-Boot und wir sind an Ihrem Produkt interessiert.
The reason for the complicated arrangement of having separate ducts for the various air inlets is if you would have the inlet for the diesels via f.i. the bridgehatch the large diesels would created an excessive "draught" through the bridge hatch making difficult to use as an access hatch.
I don`t think there is a connection, the dieselair main input is the main disk valve on top of the diesel air duct inside the tower casing and the towercasing inlet ducts are merely to ensure sufficient air access to the void space inside the casing. Likewise the external ventilation ducts have the main inlet (and, in the older version, outlet) inside the towercasing. There are some variations in the arrangement particularly after the introduction of the schnorchel system. In spite of the well protected inlet of the dieselairduct a substatial amount of water entered the engine room bilge in rough  weather, this is one of the reason the external ventilation duct is separately from the large dieselair duct as you want to avoid water intrusion to the electric fans. The ventilation inletvalve casing had a special drainage system to the controlroom bilge as well. 
Hello Mr. Tore,

U-96 had an early bridge/tower design that had air stacks on the inside of the bridge, and intake stack windows/panels on the outside of the bridge. These stacks are for the diesel air supply. However, there is the diesel air stack under the winter garden in back of the tower with a mushroom type top valve. I don't believe there was a connection between the two? Was this just a means to get air below the winter garden? It looks like later bridge/tower designs eliminated the two bridge stacks...

TYPE VII / Re: And Now for Something Completely Different ...
« Last post by GlennCauley on 24 Jul , 2018, 09:59 »
Hi Glenn,
please don't forget to order the wooden deck from Nautilus, the big ED-Set from Eduard, barrels and periscopes from Schatton as well as propellers from Tehnoart to beef up the Cartoon Sub  ;)

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