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On photos I've shot everything from indoor Gymnastics to outside track and field. From huge areas to detail pics like the above. Changed from 35mm to digital with a lot of cameras in between. Also a few different lighting systems. 
You are doing a great job with your model pics. 

Later Tim
TYPE IX / Re: IX Anatomy of the Ship ?
« Last post by 42rocker on 23 Jun , 2018, 13:19 »
I agree on that there is not a lot of tec stuff out there.   
Best three that I've bought so far are: 
1st FREE -- And one of the best -- Wolfpack II  and the other fine material -- THANKS Dougie 
2nd Von Original zum Modell: Uboottyp IXC by Fritz Kohl & others 
3rd Ubootwaffe Marine Kleinkampfverbande by Trojca 
There is some other material out there in the general uboat books but nothing like the Anatomy of the Ship Series. So Far. 
Tec stuff books any more ideals?
Later Tim
TYPE IX / Re: IX Anatomy of the Ship ?
« Last post by Mr. Bill on 23 Jun , 2018, 12:39 »
Hi Tim,

I don't believe there is a AOTS for the Type IX.  I think there are some non-English publications that are similar.  Someone here can probably recommend a good book.

« Last post by Mr. Bill on 23 Jun , 2018, 12:35 »
Thanks !
FICTION / Re: Lunar Orbital Cargo Tug
« Last post by Mr. Bill on 23 Jun , 2018, 12:34 »
Thanks for the kind words!  Another old kit that really lends itself to the imagination.  A fun project and nice break from the more serious builds . . . . .

FICTION / Re: Space Clipper Crown Princess
« Last post by Mr. Bill on 23 Jun , 2018, 12:30 »
Thanks !  This was a fun build and came out much better than I had thought it would.  Sometimes I enjoy doing something unique which avoids the effort trying to duplicate a real life subject.  Using just imagination, the build goes fast with no stress and no "rivet counting". . . .

Thanks Tim !
I really enjoyed making this kit, it was a real challenge for me and I refined many techniques during the build.  I also have the Time Slip Creations XD-1 kit (4.5 feet long) which is excellent and the recent Moebius kit, but this old Lunar Models kit was the first I completed.  I sold it a few years ago and there are time I regret that decision a bit.
FICTION / Re: Lunar Models Aries from 2001: A Space Odyssey
« Last post by Mr. Bill on 23 Jun , 2018, 12:20 »
I almost sent this ancient kit to the rubbish bin - it is very crude.  In the 1980's Lunar Models was the only source for this kit, the Atomic City kit from the late 1990's offered by CaptCBoard (Scott Alexander) is so very much superior.

Thanks!  I used Tamiya rattle cans for this build.  Really excellent paint, almost as fine as an airbrush, but so much more convenient.

LUFTWAFFE / Re: Pioneer 1/72 Ho-229
« Last post by Mr. Bill on 23 Jun , 2018, 12:11 »
Thanks everyone for having a look and commenting !
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