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SUBS: IJN / Deck material for IJN subs
« Last post by GlennCauley on Today at 11:59 AM »
Hi all,

I am building a 1/72 Kaiten model, and want to pose it on a section of deck of IJN submarine I-58 (as per the box artwork).
The artwork shows the deck as being slatted.

My question:
  • What material & colour would that slatted deck be?
TYPE VII / Re: 1/48 Trumpeter U boat build Info-Conning Tower
« Last post by bianco64squalo on Today at 04:04 AM »
Hi Raymic,
I'm very interested on your model, and I'll follow all your build updatings...
I post a drawing with conning tower measurements: maybe it will help you...
I noticed that you used some figurines not supplied by Trumpeter's kit: can you tell me where you found them ?
I noticed you completed other parts of model: can you post some photos ?
Thanks in advance and keep on...
LUFTWAFFE / Re: Pioneer 1/72 Ho-229
« Last post by Rokket on 18 Mar , 2018, 00:16 »
Bill, You turned her into a  beauty. Clean and well presented! Love the display and the ball joint.
TYPE VII / Re: 1/48 Trumpeter U boat build Info-Conning Tower
« Last post by Raymic1 on 17 Mar , 2018, 15:15 »
A few quick pics. LOTS of detail still to go around the inside of the Conning Tower.
Also painting , instrument decals weathering etc etc.

Nearly finished the Navigators position with all the Dials etc. I am enclosing it with Clear perspex a lot thinner than the Trumpeter plastic. I'm thinking I will install the equipment on the Clear perspex also as this is where the VERY important Torpedo Computer was ( that Trumpeter supplies) and also the Torpedo firing mechanism behind the Ladder.
This will hopefully give a very interesting 360 degree perspective.
Also I am still obtaining info on the walls around the Attack Periscope (Kapitans position)
The U-995 curator has been very forthcoming and helpful and I'm hoping to receive some news next week.

Note that the Tower was over 2m tall and extended down into the Deck hence I've made it larger as is accurate.
Trumpeter only extends it to the Top deck which makes it only approx 1.5m high.

Also Im waiting on some Shapeways Hatches as the Trumpeter ones are woeful as you can see......
Also the floor was not this texture but other than drilling 200 * 0.25mm drain holes I'll have to wait until someone makes an etch floor...........
Note. I wish my modelling skills were better but I do this for the enjoyment and am not a professional modeller so please forgive any mistakes  :)
Dear Mr Tore.
I am new to this forum but see that for 6+ years you have been able to share and pass on some fantastic first hand insights into the operation and daily life on an ex working Norwegian Sub/ German U boat.
This information is invaluable for future generations so thank you.

Please take the time to rest and recuperate, your health is always most important.

New Zealand
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by dougie47 on 16 Mar , 2018, 14:48 »
Hi Fillipo,

Very nice work, it certainly is looking like something. I like that you have gone for the U 552 style rather than other boats.

Here is an image of U 552 -

Blue arrow - this shows a little circular shape

Purple arrow - this small hole was on the starboard side only (not port)

Red arrow - the large hole on starboard side only

Hope this helps and have a good weekend.


TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 15 Mar , 2018, 03:06 »
Not yet finished, but it starts to look something...

Tore, get well soon.
Hello Don,

Thanks for passing on the news. Please pass the warmest regards from all of us the next time you are in contact with him by email.


ALL other U-boats / Re: Type XXVII (Seehund) - General topic
« Last post by Islandern on 14 Mar , 2018, 12:19 »
Hi Natter, I appreciate your contribution of knowledge to this thread.

Yes, for sure the Seehund had other operational tasks then the larger subs. I think you can consider it to have a somewhat larger operational area then some of the other midget submarines.

However, the torpedoes is an interesting topic. I have read through that thread once, and I think you and me has been discussing torpedoes in the later part of the thread regarding the colours and markings.

I accually don't know so much regarding the torpedos used on the seehund, and there is not many original photos of them with torpedos mounted.

Here is a link from a stranded Seehund in Belgium, early veresion. Some pictures shows little of the torpedoes.

I just built the kit torpedoes that came with the model, and I realized how dull they are, so I decided to get the next best I could find, resin torpedoes from

To mension from your comment above, you dislike them. Can you tell why?
I don't have so deep knowledge to tell whats wrong, but like to know so I can add or modify them.

The other I looked at whas the PE torpedos from Griffon models, but I am way to much of a beginner to handle all of that PE. :)

I also have hard times to understand if the seehund had the G7e T1/2/3 mounted, or maybe that varied over time.

Comments on the Seehund and torpedoes are welcome.

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