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Hi Simon,

Agreed, but not a great deal of difference of the hatches around the tower center and aft section... The U-Boat with the Atlantic bow added 280 mm forward.

Note - the drawings may have a slight error as to the exact locations of the hatches...

Non Model discussions / Re: Push red button to add drama
« Last post by NZSnowman on Today at 11:28 AM »
Funniest Prank at Movie Theater
TYPE VII / Re: Liferaft colour
« Last post by NZSnowman on Today at 01:09 AM »
A while back now, I did some research on the 5 man liferafts of the Type VIIC/41 and I also came up with yellow being the colour.
(37096971424_5f62d20993_o) - this drawing sort of compares to the attached photo of U-201. If you look at the RED circled area there is a hole in the deck.  During the change-over to the water ballast configuration the FBT 2 and FBT 4 gate valves must be opened (access through the wooded deck doors)?

What does this mean for the drawing for U - 1308 and the metal plates with holes to change the gate valve configuration?

Hi Don

The different between U-1308 and the war-time photo of the hatches for the FBT4's gates valve is easily explained… the Schnorchel.
When they added the Schnorchel piping they had to change the hatches around the front of the CT casting.
TYPE II / Re: "Vesikko" 1/72 - Special Navy
« Last post by dougie47 on 21 Oct , 2017, 13:47 »
Hi Ron,

Yes, I remember it was yourself I sold the book to. Many thanks for your kind offer, I will send you an email tonight.

Best regards,

TYPE VII / Re: Liferaft colour
« Last post by David83 on 21 Oct , 2017, 06:21 »
if i am not completly wrong i remember to read somewhere that the life rafts where pretty much the same as the luftwaffe where using in ww2
they should be yellow over all but i dont know if there where not black ones .
at the end of the war i guess the german where using what ever was availabel .

br David
TYPE II / Re: "Vesikko" 1/72 - Special Navy
« Last post by Bad Karma on 21 Oct , 2017, 04:04 »
Hi Dougie,

You sold this book to me back in 2011  ;) .
I`ll be happy to loan this book to you in the further deveplopment of the Vessiko deck.
You have my mail address, so please send you`re home address and i will send you the book next week.

Hope this helps.

my best regards,

TYPE II / Re: "Vesikko" 1/72 - Special Navy
« Last post by dougie47 on 20 Oct , 2017, 11:40 »
Hello folks,

We did study the Vesikko hull in depth when designing the AMP set as we were wondering whether we could do a seperate Vesikko set. I am quite rusty with this knowledge as it is so long ago. What I do recall is that there is one main difference between the hull of the Vesikko and the IIA. The Vesikko has one sweeping curve in the mid-hull area; the IIAs had a deeper main drainage area which cut downwards at the front and back. I assume that Special Navy will address this in their new kit.

The other thing I remember is that the Vesikko had a completely different tower and completely different deck.

Some of the hull vent parts on the AMP IIA set (those near the bow) will actually be applicable to the Vesikko. But the majority of our set will not be relevant to a Vesikko model.

Does anybody have Timo Merensilta's book "Vesikko: Suomenlahden Hiljainen Vartija" (Hobby-Kustannus Oy, 2009)? I sold it a few years ago because I needed money quickly to buy a second-hand OTW 32nd scale VIIC model. I wish I hadn't sold Timo's book but just needed the cash at the time. Could anybody loan me this book for a short time? Or does anybody have a copy they are willing to sell?


TYPE II / Re: "Vesikko" 1/72 - Special Navy
« Last post by GlennCauley on 20 Oct , 2017, 10:35 »
I wonder how much there is difference with Vesikko and AMP detail kit? The CT is much larger in Vesikko...

Maybe Dougie can shed some light on that, given that he & Wink were responsible for the original AMP detail kit.
TYPE II / Re: "Vesikko" 1/72 - Special Navy
« Last post by Anakin on 20 Oct , 2017, 09:28 »
It,s coming!

COOL !!!
So now we have the original kit "Type II" with the AMP detail set... and the actual Vekikko kit coming?

Was it year 2006 when they first time "promised" it to be released... A long time to wait! Especially for a Finnish submarine nuts! :D
A must have for me :) I wonder how much there is difference with Vesikko and AMP detail kit? The CT is much larger in Vesikko...
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