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TYPE VII / Re: Andrea miniatures Type VII section 1:32 (link)
« Last post by 42rocker on Today at 07:09 AM »
Link still works. Still neat. While your there check out the 1/32 sub. Nice. Need to add check out the rest of the WW2 stuff also as it has a lot more sub stuff.
Later Tim
David83Thanks for that info. Love to get more info.
Later Tim

As far as i know the torpedos on german boats where always stored without pistol for saefty purpos .only short before the torpedos where loadet into the tubes the pistol where screwed in the torpedos .
There are some pictures around where you can see the pistol storage Containers in the forward torpedo compartment of some boats ..
br David
TYPE IX / Pressure Hull for IXC any companies making?
« Last post by 42rocker on 20 May , 2018, 16:43 »
Pressure Hull for IXC any companies making?
I know that Yankee Modelworks used to make one for the VIIC and several folks used them.
Well I'm either looking for a good blueprint of the top of the IXC pressure hull or buying one if made.I need the details on top of the pressure hull for my bombed U505.
Thanks for all of the sharing that the folks on this website do.
Later Tim
FICTION / Re: Lunar Models Aries from 2001: A Space Odyssey
« Last post by Mr. Bill on 20 May , 2018, 08:51 »
Updated all of the broken image links . . . . . . . . .

ALL other U-boats / Re: Type XXI in detail
« Last post by 42rocker on 20 May , 2018, 08:17 »
Visiting old links again on a Sunday Morning. The link in, still works and has a Great photo layout of an original XXI. Great photo walk thru.
If you look around in that site there is a lot of other stuff. Mainly about planes and tanks, with 1 or more areas on subs.
It's a great link that is still working. Sad to say it seems like they stopped adding to it in 2008. A shame but Life moves on.
Now I hear a VII upper pressure detail set calling me to check it out.
Later Tim


Later Tim

Thats what i can share
this should be the standart of Typ VII C boats under the wintergarten .
br David
TYPE VII / Re: U-552 Conning Tower Wind Deflector
« Last post by 42rocker on 19 May , 2018, 08:38 »
One of the first things that I asked myself when I saw this post, is what time period U552 are you building, as to adding a wind deflector or not. I was reading this at work and looking at the 1/48 U552 that is up for sale and thinking about the same thing (what time period will the builder build it for).
On the U505 there are several builds our there, several being worked on and others in the planning stage.
1 build was for as it left the shipyard.
2 my plans are for after it was bombed
3 Glenn is building it as it was just after it was it was rebuilt
4 Others are building it just before capture (just before getting shot up again) This I believe is most builds.
5 other builds are as it sits in the MOSI in Chicago, Ill
Why this info about the U505 because it shows just how many time periods (rebuilds/fitting) can happen during a Uboat life. Makes you think about what should and should not be on a Uboat model as to the time period. Some Uboats went down 1st cruise, they should all look the same. Others, above U505, changed a lot of details, wind deflector being one of them.

I look forward to your posts as this 1/48 U552 is on my bucket list. Please keep on posting and sharing.

Yes, Dougie's Great Wolf pack articles are great for this type of info.

Later Tim
TYPE VII / Re: U-552 Conning Tower Wind Deflector
« Last post by dougie47 on 19 May , 2018, 04:36 »
Hi Raymic,

Thanks for the kind words. If you do want to fit a wind deflector for U 552 the thing you need to be aware of is that you would have to remove the breakwaters. The breakwaters are the splash guards on the top of the hull casing outboard of the 88mm deck gun. I suspect that the refit when the wind deflector was added was the same refit in which the breakwaters were removed.

Also, when they removed the breakwaters from U 552 they drilled a semi-circular pattern of holes in this area.


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