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hellers La Reale De France
« on: 25 May , 2012, 22:48 »
Hi   Here,s a few pix of heller,s La Reale my current project in plastic in 1/75 scale a break from WW2 aircraft and warships. La Reale is a colorful subject lots of red blue and gold, built in the time of the French king Louis XIV a galleass for the commander of the fleet. Heller,s kit of around 900 parts is fairly dated by today,s standards requiring plenty of work with file and filler but is an interesting build all the same ,apart from the 62 oars which are in need of a whole heap of work.There are a few areas in the kit which are not viable in a sea going vessel ie.  rowers on the inside benches would need to be 2.5 m tall to reach the oars, boat stowage as per kit is unworkable etc. but thats kits for u , Wink has supplied an awesome set of fabric flags for La Reale to replace the printed paper one,s supplied in the kit  ,but thats another story on its own  more anon.                 ;)
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Re: hellers La Reale De France
« Reply #1 on: 25 May , 2012, 23:31 »
You did a really ("Reale-ee" HA!) nice job on her. Great detail, a real miniature.

Hey, is that a custom AMP flag/pennant set I see in the last shot...?  ;D
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Re: hellers La Reale De France
« Reply #2 on: 26 May , 2012, 02:46 »
Really nice!

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Re: hellers La Reale De France
« Reply #3 on: 26 May , 2012, 07:39 »
A colorful and psychedelic beauty! ;D 
i like it a lot, well done!