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« on: 31 Oct , 2011, 05:22 »
I just went to a model show. I spoke with an elderly English gentleman for a few minutes. Has an aircraft modeller, and he pulled out a photo of a plane he had just finished. An RAF glider.

The canopy was very wide and boxy, and it was an interesting subject. Interesting because it was a bit different, and because...he had been one of 28 men packed into it in June 1944.

THAT is a great reason to model! I love finding out the reasoning for choosing a subject, general and very specific. Unfortunately I could only spend a few minutes with this fellow. Sadly, he will be gne in a handful of years or less.

I also got to talk with a fellow in his 40s whose father was in the German army in WWII. For a while, history si still alive.
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