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Re: Another 20mm Flak 38
« Reply #15 on: 09 Mar , 2011, 08:08 »
Very, very nice TRM !!! the base is nicely done.

What is the weathering "program" for the barrels and shot ammo ?

Small kit but definitely a must do, and you lovely did...

Keep posting.


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Re: Another 20mm Flak 38
« Reply #16 on: 09 Mar , 2011, 10:48 »
Thanks Pepper!  I onlly primed the barels and shot them with Tamiya's Gun metal followed by Mig greese and oil and some dusting and extremely light rust on the barel tips.

BTW....I picked this kit up right after you posted the animal you built.  Walked by it at the shop and grabbed it.  definateley makes a nice conversation piece.  Even the wife picked it up and was looking at it for a while.   :D  Now she has an excuse to buy the candles.....I need the tops for bases. ::)