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restored Spitfire
« on: 24 Apr , 2010, 18:15 »
Just went to the local Aviation museum, and they have a restored Australian Spitfire. It was found in the ocean, oyster and barnacle encrusted. But they rebuilt her, and she looks good. I think a late variation, but I'm no Spitfire expert (huuuuge almost meter long cannon instead of 4 mgs). Anyway, got a few shots thanks to my wife. I thought the tech markings were interesting, and the antenna wire connection to the vert stabiliser - usually on models it just blends or tacks on or disappears inside. But this has a special little clamp thing.

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Re: restored Spitfire
« Reply #1 on: 25 Apr , 2010, 04:33 »
Hi Wink,

Nice photos, please pass on my appreciation to your wife. At first glance perhaps it is a Mk.V? The three exhaust stubs make it prior to the MkIXs (which had six per side). The Mk.Is and Mk.IIs didn't have the cannon, I think. So perhaps it is a Mk.V, with a tropical filter under the Merlin?

Anyone seen the new Tamiya 32nd MkIX. Wow - the best kit I've seen bar none.



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Re: restored Spitfire
« Reply #2 on: 25 Apr , 2010, 13:54 »
Dougie, your right about the kit WOW!!! Looks very nice.

Here a couple of link if anyone wants to have a look at the kit.