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Revell 1/72 GATO kit
« on: 20 Dec , 2014, 19:04 »
Am not sure if this should be posted here - admins, feel free to delete or move.

I have a Revell 1/72 GATO kit which I am pretty sure I won't get round to actually building.
I also have the WEM PE 7214 photo etch set for it.
I know the kit has been out of circulation for a while now. I also know that the subject is more popular with US-based modelers than it has been over here in the UK.

I already have 2 Revell Type 7's to do (one of which is part-assembled but I have broken one of the periscope parts), along with their Type 7/41 Atlantic kit, and the new Type 1XC kit, and then there's the Flower Class Corvette to do on top of all those,.

So, you can see that the GATO doesn't really fit the theme!

If anyone is interested in the GATO kit and the WEM PE set, let me know via PM.

Compliments of the Season to you all.

UPDATE: Guys, I have now placed the kit for sale on ebay UK.
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