Author Topic: PHOTO UPLOAD TROUBLE  (Read 900 times)

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« on: 22 Aug , 2014, 03:27 »
A member was having trouble uploading some photos. I had the same trouble, and thanks to Capt. Kremin, all is well with those pix. BUT...

I found out some tech stuff about the forum engine. It doesn't like hi-res photos, too much cpu server cycles are used resizing.

While res and size are related, what we're talking about here is an image that should be 96 or 150ppi max, being much more. Some cameras take images at 72 or 96ppi, some at much more. Others take barn size pix which effectively gain resolution huge when shrunk.

So if you run into "FATAL ERROR" when uploading, resize your pix smaller, and if that fails, make sure the res is only 96ppi max.

Keep me posted and if it becomes worse, we'll have to call in the expensive coders!

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