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Hi Mr. Tore and Maciek,

I added the images to Skizzenbuch page 98 and the latest in in Dropbox...

Hi Maciek.
Interesting photos it looks as if they used the pressurehull opening for the Junker outer  exhaustvalve for the SSE.
Hi Don,

maybe you will find this photo interesting. It presents loading torpedo to the aft torpedo tube of U 564.
The Junkers compressor, as well as part of exhaust duct and two exhaust valves are visible.

I guess this confirms our assumption. Somehow after 1955 the Junker was removed. In 1953- 1954 for sure the Junker was in place although not very frequently in use. As far as I remember we had to clean the dieselpistons every 75 hours due to carbonization causing unballance vibrations, no wonder they removed it.
Hello Mr. Tore and All,

Maciek provided me with a photo of U-995 taken in 1965.  There is no Junkers air compressor in the aft torpedo room, and the emergency signal ejector is installed in the upper pressure hull...  Therefore, when the Germans restored U-995, they installed a Junkers air compressor, but I don't believe there is an exhaust or HP air connection.

TYPE VII / Re: Pressure hull forward cap
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 31 May , 2017, 02:10 »
Thanks Maciek,
your article is fantastic: I already read and printed it...
TYPE VII / Re: Pressure hull forward cap
« Last post by SnakeDoc on 30 May , 2017, 05:41 »
Hi Filippo,

some time ago I was very interested in the way of operation of the German torpedo tubes.
Tubes used by US Navy were clearly described in the following document.

As you have noted, there is no similar document for German tubes. I researched this topic and created this article.
The best (however still scant) historical source on German torpedo tubes is British Report on HMS Graph together with plate illustrating the torpedo systems.

I was analyzing many photos of the torpedo tubes, gathering pieces of information from KTBs and interrogation reports, found one document related with tubes in British National Archives. All this put together gave a logical description and function of the torpedo tubes systems.

TYPE VII / Re: Pressure hull forward cap
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 30 May , 2017, 05:15 »
Hi Maciek,
I appreciate your Knowledge and competence in U-Boat's subject: can I ask you from where you got your konwledge? For example, how can you be sure to assign a specific utilization for all the forward pressure hull cap's holes ? I didn't mean that I put in doubt your statements, but only that I'd like to know where I have to search to obtain only a part of your competence...
In the scratchbuilding of 1/48 Trumpeter's U-552, I would have the possibility to try the replication of many and many particulars: what I miss is the necessary documentation....
Thanks for your attention, and mostly for your help...
TYPE VII / Re: Pressure hull forward cap
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 29 May , 2017, 13:51 »
Thanks Maciek, and sorry for my anxiety, but this is only a result of my U-Boat's enthusiasm and passion....unfortunately the informations I look for are not easily available on books and on internet, and so the passion is not sufficient for the your support is so pretious for me, as experts of U-Boat as you are.,,,
Thanks again....I'll need your support again...
TYPE VII / Re: Pressure hull forward cap
« Last post by SnakeDoc on 29 May , 2017, 13:03 »

Hi Filippo,

No one other help ?

You have asked the question 12 hours ago. I would suggest you more patience.

I'd like to know, exactly, the devices and the shaft passing through all the holes visible on the cap, because I intend to scratchbuild all the connections from the cap to the respective devices....

The description of the attached image:
1. shaft for anchor slipping hook
2. shafts for opening the muzzle doors
3. compressed air lines for launching naval mines
4. compressed air lines for operating the naval mines stop latch
5. pipes for draining the torpedo tubes
6. air lines for venting torpedo tubes

U-Boats not fitted with mines launching gear did not have 3) and 4)
However, U 552 could lay mines from her torpedo tubes (note in this KTB).

Here another couple of photos.
Some question:
- was the U-Boat in the photo with red signs an U-Boat Type VIIC ?

That's right, it is type VIIC U-Boat.

- the red circled object was present in all U-Boat tubes ?

I do not see any red circled object, you mean red rectangle? If so, this support was present between upper and lower pairs of tubes.

- were the ribs indicated in red present in all U-Boat tubes ?

Yes, the ribs were present in all U-Boat tubes.


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