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ALL other U-boats / Re: Kriegsmarine colourmixes
« Last post by dougie47 on 18 Nov , 2017, 14:08 »
Hi folks,

Using other ranges would save hassle, as Glenn, says, but if you really want to go with Tamiya paints then here are my comments -

•Dunkelgrau 51 (XF-54 85% + XF-2 15%)
Looks about right as XF-54 is slightly darker than RAL7000. RAL7000 also has a slight touch of blue in there as well.

•Schiffsbodenfarbe III Grau (XF-24 70% + XF-1 30%)
According to IPMS Stockholm, XF-24 is FS36118. You are right to add black but I couldn't say how much. Try 20% first to see how it goes. If you are doing a weathered boat then don't add in any black as the anti-fouling paint soon lightened as the particles leeched out.

•Hellgrau 50 Baltic (XF-54 70% + XF-2 30%)
IPMS Stockholm gives FS36231 for XF-54. This needs lightened a lot to make it the traditional Hellgrau 50 colour. 30% white might work but you may need more.

•Hellgrau 50 Alternative (XF-66 100%)
XF-66 is FS36329, which is pretty close to RAL7001, the traditional Hellgrau 50 colour. To make it as light as the Alternative Hellgrau 50 you need to get a very light grey like a RAL7038. Perhaps XF-19 would be a better starting point?

Please note that I am relying solely on the IPMS Stockholm codes (which I hope are accurate) rather than the online paint charts.



ALL other U-boats / Re: Kriegsmarine colourmixes
« Last post by GlennCauley on 17 Nov , 2017, 13:32 »
Personally, I hate mixing paints.

For my DKM colours, I would first go to WEM ColourCoats enamel paints (from Sovereign Hobbies), or get the DKM set from LifeColor acrylics.
ALL other U-boats / Kriegsmarine colourmixes
« Last post by Islandern on 16 Nov , 2017, 13:29 »
Good day,

I wanted to hear with you how you mix your colours to get them as close to the real as possible.

I mainly airbrush paint with Tamiya and I use the following mix to get there:

  • Dunkelgrau 51 (XF-54 85% + XF-2 15%)
  • Schiffsbodenfarbe III Grau (XF-24 70% + XF-1 30%)
  • Hellgrau 50 Baltic (XF-54 70% + XF-2 30%)
  • Hellgrau 50 Alternative (XF-66 100%)

The problem is that I have never seen them (ofcourse) in reality so it is hard to say what is corect.

How do you mix yours? Any good Ideas?

Best regards,


Ps. If any moderator think this thread is missplaced just tell me, and I am sorry if that's the case. Ds.
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 15 Nov , 2017, 02:41 »
Hi Snowman,
yesterday I was maybe too much rough, but what I meant was that, for Trumpeter's model, the only one model that allows the reproduction of the interiors of a Type VIIC U- Boat in 1/48 scale, the only one existing U-Boat with complete interiors visible is the Laboe's one, that one I look at for superdetailing my model.
I guess there are no other real boats usable for this, if the Laboe's U-995 ( Type VIIC / 41 ) is not exactly a copy of the U-552 ( Type VIIC ) I cannot do anything; I try to correct the errors in all the hull parts, perfectly visible in many period photos, but for the interiors I have no chance....
I know Schizzenbook is in progress, and maybe this book, when available, will bring some more documentation...
Waiting for more possible documentations, I can only see to Laboe's U-995 for interiors, and to the few existing photos of other Type VIIC boats, but surely those photos don't cover the entire interior compartments, and any single recess of any compartment....
Any help is welcome.
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 14 Nov , 2017, 12:51 »
Dear NZSnowman, I can work only with the documentation in my possession.
I asked help for documentation to the members of this forum, but I didn’t have....
So, I unwillingly accept criticism, because I’m short of documentation....
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by NZSnowman on 14 Nov , 2017, 10:36 »
I believe the oil filter on the port side of the boat was added by the Royal Norwegian Navy (pic 2 & 3), but check with Tore or Don may also know.
TYPE VII / Re: Hello all
« Last post by GlennCauley on 14 Nov , 2017, 06:12 »
Welcome, Scott!
Here you will find a wonderful group of very helpful people who are absolutely brilliant with all U-boat related stuff.
Judging by your previous models, you are in very good company... and we are lucky to have you here.

Glenn  :D
TYPE VII / Re: Hello all
« Last post by 70skid on 14 Nov , 2017, 05:05 »
Thank you guys! Sure Filippo.  Well, the deck is real wood (basswood I think) from Nautilis models.  My buddy Glenn Cauley turned me on to the finishes for that: Minwax stains colors Jacobean and Ebony.  I gave it a little bit of a dried saltwater look in spots with some very thinned white oil paint.
The hull:  The lower hull was given a coat of German gray as a base.  Then a very thin light coat of Tamiya  dark sea gray was airbrushed on and before it was allowed to sit too long, was wiped almost completely off with a wet rag.  The upper hull was given a light coat of Vallejo light gray.  Then I mixed in a little white to that color and airbrushed highlights in the middle of each hull plate.  I then rubbed here and there to give a little bit of wear to the paint sometimes allowing the primer below to show through (light grey).  Then, very thin layer of Tamiya flat white was airbrushed over that, with the use of some chipping fluid first.  Then moistened the paint with water and began gently flaking off the white paint here and there to give the look that you see here.

TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 14 Nov , 2017, 00:26 »
Some details of diesel engine room elements: work in progress, not yet finished....
TYPE VII / Re: Hello all
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 14 Nov , 2017, 00:22 »
Hi Scott,
wonderful works !!!
I like very much the weathering of the deck and hull surfaces.....: can you spend some words about your techiniques ?
Thanks in advance, and respect....

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