Author Topic: Shell Welder Coastal Tanker 1/130  (Read 944 times)

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Shell Welder Coastal Tanker 1/130
« on: 30 Jul , 2016, 09:11 »

Originally issued by Frog many decades ago, this build involves the Modelcraft reissue from 1996. Firstly, this has to be one of the worst molded kits ever. This is not a kit that can be quickly or easily constructed - it demands many hours of tedious work and endless scratch building. Some of the parts are so poor, they really can't be cleaned up or corrected. Every one of the remaining parts required some work, in some cases significant modification. In several instances, I decided to discard kit parts entirely and scratch build replacements as this was faster and easier than struggling with the kit parts. There is a PE set available for this kit from Atlantic Models, but I used 1/125 scale brass railings and other parts from Toms Model Works which helped tremendously. I also used similar scale photo etched inclined ladders I had in my spares bin (can't remember who made these). Many kit parts were improved with scratch built details or items from the spares bin. Although there are many faults with this old kit, it has great potential. If you enjoy scratch building and have lots of patience, this is a great project of a unique subject in a large scale.  Many thanks for having a look, your questions and comments are always welcome.



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Re: Sheel Welder Coastal Tanker 1/130
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jul , 2016, 01:54 »
She looks great! Tell us more about the details of your scratch work!
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