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TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by dougie47 on Today at 05:31 AM »
Hi Filippo,

Here is the rudder from a schematic which should help -

If you resize and compare with the Trumpeter rudder you should see if cutting or filling is required.

I've pointed blue arrows at the corners on the rear edge. Note how they are both rounded. The corners on the early VIIB do look a bit more rounded than the other photos of VIICs for some reason, though I am not sure why this should be the case. It might be better not to round the edges too much?

Sorry I can't help with your other question.


TYPE VII / Aft torpedo tube muzzle door
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 15 Dec , 2017, 07:54 »
Hi everybody,
I post a drawing I found in internet, that illustrates the parts of a Type VII C aft torpedo muzzle door; I noticed that no one modeler reproduced in his model  the external doors ( highlighted in yellow in drawing ), but the internal door ( highlighetd in orange in drawing ), that I think was visible only during the torpedo's firing...
In the above-mentioned drawing, the only thing I don't understand well is the shape of the connection bracket between the external and the internal door: can someone explain in more understandable way?
I post two photos, one ( Dougie's ) of the external door, and one ( an U-45 model ) of the internal one...
Thanks in advance.
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 14 Dec , 2017, 23:40 »
Thanks Dougie,
exhaustive explanation, as usual....
Now I have to see if I have to fill the groove on the aft edge of the rudders, or cut off the protrusion, according to the exact dimension of the rudders: do you have, by chance, a drawing with the dimension of rudders ? If not don't worry, I'll try to obtain in some way...
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by dougie47 on 14 Dec , 2017, 15:34 »
Hi Filippo,

Yeah, the aft edge looks really weird. From your photos it looks like there is a deep groove all along the trailing edge. Is there a big groove or am I seeing things? There should not be anything like this at the aft end of the rudder; the only thing on the real boats was a vertical weld seam.

The other issue is that there is only one horizontal weld seam. It is really hard to see the seams on real boats but the few I've seen have three horizontal weld seams (as well as two vertical seams). All three can easily be seen on the inside of the starboard rudder on the top photo I posted in my previous email from last night.

Here is another shot, although it is a very early VIIB -

I've pointed the blue arrows to show the three horizontal weld seams.

Trumpeter could have been influenced by the outside of the port rudder on U 995, which looks like it has only one horizontal weld seam. I think it is because the two others have worn away over the years. I think all three horizontal seams can be seen on the inside of both rudders in some photos of U 995 (presumably these have not worn or been sandblasted away).

If anyone has any period shots showing any weld seams please post.


TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 13 Dec , 2017, 23:24 »
Thanks Dougie,
your help is pretious for me....
The two photos that you posted are fantastic !!!! I never saw them before...I don't know where you find these treats, but it's so difficult to find good photos of the low hull, usually under water....
A last question: in Trumpeter's model the rudders have a strange shape of the aft edge: see the posted photos: do you think they are right ? I trust on your help.
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by dougie47 on 13 Dec , 2017, 14:45 »
Hello Filippo,

I think you are right about the vents being too big on the kit. They are quite a bit too high in height.

The three vents in this area are wrong in exactly the same way as the Revell kit. Funny how two different model companies can make the very same mistake.

On the real boats there were two standard sized vents at the front, one below the other. Then there was a third one positioned farther aft which was the same height but shorter in length. This can be seen in the images below -

The Revell and Trumpeter kits are both wrong in that they both have the shorter vent at the front rather than the rear.


TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 12 Dec , 2017, 05:34 »
Sorry, these are the model's vents...
TYPE VII / Re: Trumpeter 1/48 U-552
« Last post by bianco64squalo on 12 Dec , 2017, 05:33 »
Thanks Dougie,
I'm still working on hull, before start with assembling and superdetailing the interiors, easy to break during hull manipulating...
A question: if you look at the last two photos that I posted, it seems to me that the vents aft rudders in Trumpeter's model are too much big; I'm thinking to fill them and then re-open in smaller shape: what do you think ?
Thanks in advance for help.....
Hello Mr. Tore and All,

I am up to page 409 on my proof reading.  That doesn't mean it's all exactly correct in all cases...  Simon just found an error back on page 42! I had the top of the Q Tank drawn with a high ridge which only applies to FBT 2 and FBT 4. I corrected the drawing error and added the round flowing tank top.

I uploaded the latest version of Skizzenbuch to my Dropbox folder...

Hi Don,

Thanks for the update. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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