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Exellent images. I guess it shows the arrangement of the old VIICs The latest executions did not have the atwartship shaft going right to the hydroplanguard and the shaft ended in a nut fixing halfway on the plane having an accesshatch right on the top where the nut was situated. As far as I remember the void space of the plane was filled with some sort of epoxy or recine. There was no contact between the hydroplane and the guard.
Hello Mr. Tore,

I have been reviewing the bow hydroplane clutch and drive mechanism; How does this drawing look to you?

Rip Maciek      :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Hello all. Just came back from my vacation and learned this terrible news :(   

I sitting here shocked, i had a few conversation bits with him and he was clearly a fantastic person. I have spent countless of hours on his websites and reading his input on this forum.
A really valuable, friendly and open community member.

R.I.P Maciek.
TYPE VII / Re: VIIc U-404 1:34
« Last post by Morog on 11 Aug , 2017, 11:16 »



TYPE VII / Main compass housing on Conning tower
« Last post by David83 on 10 Aug , 2017, 12:31 »
Dear Experts

i am wondering is there any pictures existing how the mother compass in this forward housing on the conning tower looks like .
would be much interested to see it i dont found any pictures of this compass .

Thanks Uboot experts

br David
Don, we are just on the way to the high mountain theater raining and temperatures hoovering around 8 centigrade, open air theater for 6 hours and 3 hours driving. Indeed my wife deserves the effort, we actually married in 1953 when I still was the chief of U 995 KNM Kaura and got a week off for marrying. Reverting in a small week.
TYPE VII / Re: U Boot in Focus #14 out now
« Last post by falo on 08 Aug , 2017, 23:49 »
Hello Dougie,

again thanks for your helpful information.

I have ordered a copy of UiF'#14 today and will keep you updated about the U 481-article and U boat operations in the baltic sea during WWII.

Hello Mr. Tore and All,

Thank you for the quick response about re-supplying the lube oil and the fuel oil to a U-Boat Type VII C.

I have made changes to the following pages: 123, 151, 171, 178, and 243 (replaced a photo). I changed these pages with new 3D images from Simon who has done outstanding work! The latest version of Skizzenbuch has been uploaded to Dropbox...

Mr. Tore - Your wife has been with you for over 50 years, and she deserves your full attention! Keep focused on the most important relationship in your life, and the rest will fall into place...

Kind regards,
TYPE VII / Re: U Boot in Focus #14 out now
« Last post by dougie47 on 08 Aug , 2017, 15:09 »
Hello Falo,

Well spotted on the lack of containers. According to page 10 of my article "List Of U-Boat Modifications & Identification Features" the four containers (sometimes fewer) were a feature that were added in late 1944. I have been unable to provide a more precise time date than late 44. I reckon the UiF photos of U 481 in the summer and autumn of 1944 show the boat before any life containers were added to the foredeck.

One photo (probably from 1945) shows U 481 with one singular container on the foredeck. I presume that was added sometime in late 1944 or so.


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